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Meet Kamille

Manage your existing wholesale customer base and grow your revenue.Know when your wholesale customer needs to reorder.Kamille...a CRM made just for makers.


You worked hard to get your customer.
Don't lose them.

As a maker, you are busy.
Making. Doing.
The next thing you know, it's been 45 days since that store across town ordered, and you haven't reached out since the first invoice.
Are their shelves empty?


Buyers are busy.

Sometimes, they forget to reorder.Connect with an email or call, and you might hear them say,
"I am so glad you checked. Yes! Your shelf is running low.
Here's my order."


The sales assistant you wish you had.We call her Kamille.

Sales assistant for makers

Kamille knows.

Kamille knows that it has been four weeks since that boutique ordered...
and they usually order every other week.
Kamille knows that Whole Foods P Street
is ordering less than it did last year.
Kamille will remind you that the Christmas tree shop
should be ordering in October.
Kamille knows that you have 20 stores that ordered last year
but haven't ordered this year.
Kamille knows who your top 15 customers are
so you can focus on them.

CRM for existing customers

Kamille will tell you.

You will set reorder goals for each store.
If a store hasn't ordered within that time frame, you will be prompted by Kamille to reach out and ask for the reorder.
You think Whole Foods should order every 14 days?
You'll be reminded on day 15.
That little store across town should order every 30 days?
You'll be prompted on day 31.
Seasonal customer?
Kamille will remind you before the season starts.

  • Connects to Quickbooks Online

  • Based on the timing of invoices

  • Connects to your email

  • Set reorder goals for each customer and also see the average time between orders.

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Whether you sell cookies
or beautiful rings,
Kamille will help you grow revenues from your existing customers.

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CRM for existing customers